Concert reviews from Angry Machines tour

Here you'll find various reviews of Dio's current Angry Machines tour, written by various Ronnie James Dio fans on Internet. If you have seen a concert not mentioned here and would like to review it (also old shows!), please contact me by e-mail.

First US leg, 07.11.1996-04.12.1996:

First European leg, 08.12.1996-23.12.1996:

Second US leg, 06.02.1997-16.02.1997:

Second European leg, 20.02.1997-23.03.1997:

Third US leg, 02.04.1997-02.05.1997:

Japan leg, 07.05.1997-11.05.1997:

Fourth North American leg, 20.05.1997-23.06.1997:

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