Dio concert review; May 1st, 1997 by Lizz Taylor

The following is a review of the second-last show of the third North American leg of the Angry Machines tour, originally posted to alt.music.dio.

From: Elizabeth A. Taylor (rhbc@ix.netcom.com)
Subject: Dio in Reading, PA...Incredible
Date: Sat, 03 May 1997 17:38:17 GMT

Wow, where do I start??? To say that Dio was incredible would be such an understatement. He was like the Energizer Rabbit...they all were...they kept going and going and going...it was the best concert I have been to in ages...not that I am surprised.

Where to start? Hmmm, well I went to the concert with my brother since my Dad was unable to watch my son and my husband had to stay home. No way was I missing Dio in my hometown. My brother was not real knowledgeble about Dio prior to the show and neither of us had heard My Dying Bride before.

So, we got to the Silo around 8:30. The Silo was crowded but not packed. MDB went on and although I thought they weren't bad my brother did not like their music. And I was thinking oh no, what if he doesn't like Dio...although Dio is a different type of music. MDB did quite well but of course we weren't there to see them. We wanted our beloved DIO!!!

So, after the upbeat and happy performance of MDB finished, Dio came on. It was incredible how fast it seemed they were set up and ready to go. And when they started they just kept going. There were so many songs and they played for over 100 minutes. It was just incredible and everyone in the audience was into it. The vibe was great. And my brother really enjoyed it alot. He was impressed with the clarity of the band considering the venue. The sound was perfect. You could make out every word Dio was singing.

Highlights of the show would have to be an incredible bass solo. And of course when they played Catch the Rainbow and Man on the Silver Mountain...well...every song was incredible...Heaven and Hell, Mob Rules, We Rock, Last in Line, Rainbow in the Dark, Holy Diver, etc.

Only two things would have made the show more magical. One, and I mean no offense to Tracy, but, a little less guitar masturbation during his solo. And two, if they had jammed on Stargazer which is my favorite song ever.

But those two things aside it was an incredible show. I am feel so happy that he played my home town. And when I got home I took a decongestant with the words cigarette smoke sucks on it and finally fell asleep around 3am since I was so wound up. Too bad I had to work on Friday. But it was worth it.

And as for my brother well he is now a Dio fan! So, there you have it my review of another excellent Dio show. So few bands give so much to their audience. I will say what everyone has been saying that has seen Dio this tour...if he plays near you...go see him... if he isn't playing near you...go see him anyway because seeing Dio is an experience of a lifetime.

Lizz T.

(I wish you could have been there Mike you missed a hell of a show.)

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