Dio concert review; April 5th, 1997 by Doug Darnell

The following is a review of a Dio show of the third US leg of the Angry Machines, originally posted to alt.music.dio.

From: ddarnell@nyx10.cs.du.edu (doug darnell)
Subject: Review: Dio at the Ogden Theater, Denver 4/5/97
Date: 6 Apr 1997 15:33:56 -0600

Here's my short review of the Dio show at the Ogden Theatre last night. I arrived about 8:00 and they were still selling tickets (the show started at 9:00). It didn't take long for the show to sell out. The crowd was excellent and RJD commented on it many times during the show. Dio put on a great show, as I'm sure you're all used to by now.

Here's the set list, which is essentially the same as what has been posted before:

Encore: Encore 2: Encore 3:

After the show I drove the car into the alley behind the venue where I settled in to wait for Dio to get on the bus. There were about 25-30 people waiting in the alley and they slowly left as security tried to keep the area clear. (Public alley--not much they can do :) ).

45 minutes passed, and the crowd had thinned down to 3 people, when I decided to get out of the car and join the few people left. Some more people appeared -- there were about 20. We waited 20 minutes, and the tour manager (British accent) comes over to the barricade tape and says "Here's wot we're gonna do". He says that it was cold (as if we didn't know) and they didn't want Ronnie to catch a cold, so he wanted us to line up beside the tour bus where Ronnie would stand in the doorway and sign our stuff. We did it.

RJD asked to whom to make the autograph and while he was signing my Angry Machines and Holy Diver covers (To: Doug, Magic., Ronnie James Dio.)

I thanked him for playing the old Deep Purple, Rainbow, Black Sabbath & Dio he replied: "We had to do the good stuff, thanks for coming." Then I commented that it was a great show and RJD said: "You're only as good as your audience." "Thanks," I said. I asked him to please come back to Denver and he said: "How can we not?" and proceeds to comment on how great the crowd was.

I was quite impressed with how classy a person Dio is. He is real genuine and down to earth and cares quite a bit about his fans. Thanks once again to Dio for playing Denver! I shook his hand and he wished me good luck. I walked away down the alley blowing my CD covers so the ink wouldn't smear thinking "what a nice guy"! (I even changed my .sig!)

Doug :)*
| "You're only as good as your audience." RJD 4/5/97 |

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