Dio concert review; April 20th, 1997 by Chuck

The following is a review of a Dio show of the third North American leg of the Angry Machines tour, originally e-mailed to me.

From: dev01!cberg@ncr02.attmail.com
Subject: Dio in Detroit State Theatre 4/20
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997 11:27:04 +0000

Caught Dio at the State Theatre in Detroit last night (4/20/97). I recall seeing him come through town back in the early /mid eighties on the Last in Line tour and was very curious to see how he compared (since so many have fallen so far). RJD was fantastic. His voice was a strong and powerful as ever. The band was pretty tight for the most part and Tracy G. did a respectable job.

It was a magical night, that could be sensed from the opening. RJD was (or at least it appeared) having a great time. The crowd reaction was overwhelming as he hit the stage. Very suprised by the fact the encore(s) had a total of five songs. Interesting to note the the old Rainbow material seemed to get the biggest rise out of the crowd (MOTSM). At one point, I believe, Tracy G. spilled into a few bars of 'Hall of the Mountain king'. Suprised that Mistreated was still in the set. Seems funny that RJD would include a Blackmore/Coverdale tune (even if it was included w/ On Stage).

Another point of interest: RJD was very gracious to the crowd, spending alot of time thanking the audience, time and time again. Very nice show. Very nice indeed.

Attached is what I remember the set list to be:


Looking forward to his next visit.

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