The Dio Competition 2001!

Dio, Alice Cooper, Ratt and Sonata Arctica are going to play in Finland at Oulu's Formula Center (May 6th) and at the old Ice Hall in Helsinki (May 7th). Thanks to the promotor Eastway ( I've got ten tickets for both of the concerts to give away!

The tickets will be drawn on April 23rd and they will be sent to the winners by mail. Unfortunately the competition is limited only to people living in Finland.

Rules of the competition:

Competition form!

Complete the personal information and answer the questions by e-mail to

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  1. Mention at least one concert where both Alice Cooper and Dio played, not counting this Monsters of the Millennium 2001 tour?

  2. Magica is the newest album from Dio, released in March 2000. It is a concept album, telling a story. Which of the following descriptions fits to Magica?

  3. How many times Dio has played in Finland before the two concerts in Oulu and Helsinki this coming May? Bonus point is given if all the concert dates are mentioned too.

  4. Ronnie James Dio appears on Alice Cooper's tribute album, "Humanary Stew - A Tribute To Alice Cooper". Which song Ronnie sings on that album?

  5. Magica is the tenth Dio album, if the best-of albums are not counted. Name the rest of the Dio albums. Two hints: Only Dio (the band) albums count, and live and mini album(s) count as well.

  6. What is the line-up for Dio on the Magica album? Just the musician names are enough, their instruments don't need to be mentioned.

  7. Ronnie James Dio has recently been involved in one, quite different tour with one band and Romanian Philharmonic Orchestra. For instance, they played two concerts in Sweden last October. Who is this mysterious band in question?

  8. A famous Swedish keyboardist joined Dio for a short time to do an album and tour with them in 1990. The album was called Lock Up The Wolves. These days this keyboardist is a member of a Finnish band. Who is this keyboardist and what is his current band called?

  9. In 1985 and 1986 Ronnie and the boys were involved in a charity project that resulted in a single as well as an album. The income of the project went to Africa to help the famine. Besides Dio, other participants included for instance members of Twisted Sister, W.A.S.P., Iron Maiden and Spinal Tap. What was this project called?

  10. The current Dio members are again involved in one charity project, helping the kids living on the street in the USA. Although not all the details of this project are yet finalized, a group of heavy metal musicians are supposed to do one song together. The song will be called Throw Away Children, but what is the name of the whole project? Hint: It bears the same name as the organization, to whom the proceedings of the project will go.

Good luck!

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