Ronnie James Dio News: June 1999

Here are all the news from June 1999 - some of these may be outdated already, so please check out the newest news for updates!

  • June 24th, 1999: Second Hear 'N Aid!
  • June 24th, 1999: Rainbow Tribute
  • June 24th, 1999: Aerosmith Tribute
  • June 24th, 1999: Tracy G's band
  • June 16th, 1999: Dio Tribute Album track list!
  • June 7th, 1999: News from the Dio Chat
  • June 7th, 1999: New Def Leppard Album
  • June 7th, 1999: Vinny Appice
  • June 7th, 1999: Niji Densetsu - Rainbow Tribute
  • June 5th, 1999: War And Peace/Flesh And Blood CD
  • June 5th, 1999: Dio Tribute Album release date

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