Ronnie James Dio Picture Gallery

Here you'll be able to find Ronnie James Dio related pictures from Dio fans all over the world. E-mail me if you want your pictures here.

Notice: Some of these pictures are fairly big, so it may take a little while to load them over slow connections.

People have kindly allowed me to put these pictures on my pages, but if you want to use them yourself somewhere, please ask permission first from the people behind these pictures - their e-mail addresses or other copyright information is mentioned with the pictures.

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Personal pictures
  • Jim Amentler
  • Ken and Ann Boyd
  • Sal DiFatta
  • Jean-Bernard Emand
  • Ladd Everitt
  • "Godds14252"
  • Richard Karlsen
  • Tapio Keihanen
  • Tomi Korpela
  • Aaron Kuss
  • Steve Mignardi
  • Sam Naugler
  • Mike Silver
  • Luis Sinoti
  • Yoko Nakajima and Volker van der Putten
  • Concert pictures
  • Elf: November 22nd, 1974
  • Rainbow: November 26th, 1975
  • Rainbow: May 21st, 1978
  • Black Sabbath: Early January, 1982
  • Dio: October 20th or 22nd, 1983
  • Dio: August 24th, 1984
  • Dio: August 15th, 1987
  • Dio: February 21st, 1997
  • Dio: February 23rd, 1997
  • Dio: February 24th, 1997
  • Dio: February 25th, 1997
  • Dio: October 28th, 1998
  • Dio: October 29th, 1998
  • Dio: June 12th, 1999
  • Dio: June 26th, 2002/Genady Perchenko
  • Dio: June 28th, 2002/Genady Perchenko
  • Dio: September 18th, 2002/Genady Perchenko
  • Dio: December 14th, 2002/Genady Perchenko
  • Dio: December 15th, 2002/Genady Perchenko
  • Dio: July 6th, 2003/Tapio
  • Dio: July 17th, 2004/Artur Karpov
  • Dio: July 18th, 2004/Tapio
  • Dio: July 18th, 2004/Kjell Gustafsson
  • Dio: July 18th, 2004/Ari Ilvonen
  • Dio: July 18th, 2004/Thomas Krause
  • Dio: July 18th, 2004/Toni Poikonen
  • Dio: July 18th, 2004/Matti Dahlbom
  • Dio: July 18th, 2004/Paul-Erik Törrönen
  • Dio: August 2nd, 2004/Uwe
  • Dio: August 4th, 2004/Genady Perchenko
  • Dio: August 4th, 2004/Tapio
  • Dio: August 5th, 2004/Genady Perchenko
  • Dio: August 6th 18th, 2004/Jörg Schulz
  • Dio: August 7th, 2004/Arjen Alkemade
  • Dio: August 7th, 2004/Peter Rossen
  • Dio: August 10th, 2004/Thomas Krause
  • Dio: August 10th, 2004/Ross McEwen
  • Dio: August 13th, 2004/Thomas Krause
  • Dio: August 14th, 2004/Thomas Krause
  • Dio: August 21st, 2004/Hector F. Miranda Castillo
  • Dio: August 24th, 2004/J.C. Bermedo
  • Dio: August 24th, 2004/Mauricio Hernandez Diaz
  • Dio: November 13th, 2004/Jorge Osorio C.
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  • Tour passes
  • Misc pictures
  • Cortland, NY, USA
  • 2nd Dio Chat, June 5th, 1999

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