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After Bill Ward had quit Black Sabbath , Vinny Appice - the brother of Carmine Appice - joined the band, playing his first concert on August 31st, 1980 in Honolulu, Hawaii. He was playing as session drummer when he got a call from Black Sabbath. He left Black Sabbath - together with Ronnie James Dio - in October, 1982 - to form a band called Dio .

Vinny Appice was in Dio for a quite long time. He suddenly left Dio on December 27th, 1989, only about two weeks before they were supposed to start to record their forthcoming album. Appice had asked Ronnie's opinion whether he could play on Jeff Pilson's , ex Dokken bassist, album and Dio had agreed with that. In the summer of 1989 there were some rumors of Appice joining with Jeff Pilson full-time, but Dio neglected them as rumors without thinking more about them. Dio once asked Appice whether those rumors were true, but got a negative answer. Then, suddenly, in the end December, 1989, Appice announced that he will leave Dio and join Jeff Pilson's band. Appice agreed to play on the forthcoming Dio album, though, but Dio didn't want to do so.

However, Vinny Appice returned to work with Ronnie James Dio later on. Ronnie James Dio was on a break at his home from the album writing and a day before his departure, he got a call from Vinny Appice, who wanted to meet Ronnie before he'd leave. Dio started to think about having Vinny in Black Sabbath and called Geezer Butler and Tony Iommi and asked whether they'd be interested in Vinny. They were and as Vinny Appice wanted to join too, he became Black Sabbath's drummer.

In November Vinny Appice quit Black Sabbath two days after Ronnie James Dio, as he played on the last two shows on the Dehumanizer tour. Appice left Black Sabbath on November 15th, 1992 and rejoined Dio.


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