Get Well Ronnie!

Ronnie - all of us would like to rise our horns \,,/ and wish you a speedy recovery!

Will you raise your horns too and wish Ronnie a speedy recovery with them? If yes, ask someone to take a photo of you with your horns and e-mail it to me. Include your name and country with the message.

PICTURE My wife Elina and me, Tapio Keihänen from Finland (photo courtesy of our daughter Salla)
PICTURE Salla, Mira and Sini, our three daughters
PICTURE Norbert and his little bro, Szymon from Poland would like to rise their horns for Ronnie too, get well soon. \,,/
PICTURE Duarte from Brazil
PICTURE Alina from St. Petersburg, Russia - Horns up for Ronnie! \m/ \m/
PICTURE Arrin from Scotland wishing you good health
PICTURE Heres hoping RJD will be well and rockin soon! Connie/PureEvel, USA
PICTURE Lauren Koetting from Lubbock, Texas, U.S.A. Wishing Ronnie a speedy recovery! Get well soon!
PICTURE Get well Ronnie! You have a big influence upon my musical taste and my whole life. I can tell the same about some of my friends. Your voice is always brilliant and full of inspiration! Once again, get well soon Ronnie! I believe in you and hold horns for you! \../ \../ Vadim aka "Vozzya" from Kiev, Ukraine
PICTURE I remember the words you told me when we met in Kiev on September, 2005. You said to me: "All will be great with you and your band!" Although I have another band now - all is great with us, and now I wanna say to you from my bandmates' part and from me personally: ALL WILL BE GREAT WITH YOU!!! We love you! Suzanna ELPy and RISING - Kiev, Ukraine
PICTURE Hey, i'm Nacho, from Rosario Argentina, i hope that Ronnie come back soon to rock us all, best whishes from Argentina!!! get well soon King of rock n roll!
PICTURE Wish you good luck and strong health. We need you in good condition and mood. Yozheff Quert. Kyiv. Ukraine.
PICTURE Daniel from Sweden
PICTURE Hi, Ronnie! I'm your fan from Russia. I listen your records since I was just 4 years old! Your voice was a guiding star for me in the music world. Thanks for the concerts in Moscow this summer. Wish you good health and a speedy recovery! Best wishes, Mikhail from Moscow (Russia).
PICTURE Ilya from Moscow, Russia. Get better soon, Ronnie! Hope that messages from your fans help you, as you music helps us live. Wish you good health! Long live Ronnie James!
PICTURE Wishing you a speedy recovery!! Chris from Fresno, California
PICTURE "Special Magic" to you Ronnie. Get well soon. Your friend, Larry, in New Jersey.
PICTURE Ronnie, you're the best vocalist I ever heard! Live and create your music, I like it very much! Thank you, Ronnie! - Alexander
PICTURE Genady & Yelena Perchenko from Nashua, NH, USA - We love you Ronnie and wish you a speedy recovery. You are THE King of Rock and Roll!!
PICTURE Ronnie and myself, karma to you Ronnie -- Stephen/PowerKnight from the UK
PICTURE I'm really worried about you, Ronnie. I always pray and send a positive thoughts and love energy to you. I strongly believe that you come back to the road soon. Get well Ronnie. I love you. --- Noriko from Japan (playing Rainbow In The Dark in the picture with her Dio tribute band).
PICTURE I'm so sad to hear that Ronnie is ill. I hope for a speedy recovery. If somebody deserves to live a long and good life and make music for many years to come, it is the most powerfull singer in rock music, the voice of metal, the man on the silvermountain mr. Ronnie James Dio. Please get well soon! -- Jan from Denmark
PICTURE Jerry from the USA.
PICTURE I'm so worried, hope Ronnie will get well soon! Impossible to forget the two shows I've been at and the breathtaking energy, power, joy, incredible kindness and Music that The Man was giving to us. Ronnie, I love you, you're the best ever, please keep rocking!! \m/ Luba 'Stargazer' Moscow, Russia
PICTURE Stay strong, Ronnie!!!! We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -- Pavel Sergeenko (Belarus)
PICTURE We're all concerned about Dio and would like to show our appreciation of his past and future legacy. All four of us are from Newfoundland and Labrador, CANADA. Rise up for DIO!! -- Chris, Sujay, Mark and Jason from Newfoundland/Labrador, Canada
PICTURE Get well Ronnie, You got some work to do with this new generation of heavy rock kids! Aksu, Jani and Vili from Finland.
PICTURE As a part of the great armada of Dio fans I wish you Ronnie a health of a Far East tiger that excites people with its grace as you amaze your true fans with your talent. I was really shocked when I learned that you were hospitalized. I hope you well get well soon and continue to rock. You bring happiness in our life every single time when we hear your music. With love, your Russian fan Victor, Far East, Amursk.
PICTURE Get Well Soon, Ronnie! We are with you! -- Daria from Munich, Germany
PICTURE Tsar from Belarus _\m/
PICTURE Get well soon! Leo<3 San Fernando Valley, Californa
PICTURE Man, you rock! Hope to see you back on the road soon! -Mikko, Finland
PICTURE Eduardo from Brazil raising the horns for Dio's recovery! Long Live Dio!
PICTURE Thinking about you and wishing you speedy recovery, whatever you're going through. You know we love you to bits! Anya, Nastya & Iana from Russia
PICTURE Ronnie, get well soon! Try to get over it with optimism and a smile on your face, that's the best way to build up fast recovery. Our whole family are thinking of you. Eugene, Anya's Dad
PICTURE Luis and Paul from Portugal say "get well Ronnie!"
PICTURE Get well soon Ronnie !!!! It was a stroke of luck that I was able to finally meet you this year. I'll appreciate the time you took to sign my collection and be a wonderful and gentle person. You'll always be my hero. YOU ROCK !!! -- Adriano from Switzerland
PICTURE Wishing Ronnie to be better soon. -- Egon, Sweden
PICTURE Hi, Ronnie! I wish you get well as soon as it possible. Hope to see you in nearest future. Do you plan to visit Estonia next year? -- Klausitta, Estonia
PICTURE Ronnie, you are THE BEST!!! WE love you! Get well! Keep on rockin'! ;) -- Lena, Russia
PICTURE From one Ronnie to another... get well soon! -- Ronnie, Liverpool UK
PICTURE Greetings from Poland ! Ronnie, I wish you good health - we see on next gig ! -- Elizabeth, Poland
PICTURE I'm so glad I got to meet Ronnie after a show in Ohio. I can't wait to see him again. Get well soon Dio. -- Charlie, Hammond Indiana
PICTURE You are an inspiration for many. Get well soon and rock on! -Henri from Finland
PICTURE Get well Ronnie. -- Daniel Rienda - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
PICTURE Rogelio from Mexico reveals that the Dio audience in Mexico wishes Ronnie all the best and wants to see him play in Mexico as soon as possible.
PICTURE Get well Ronnie! -- Mika Sironen from Finland
PICTURE Krisse from Finland is handing Ronnie a bottle of Dragon Tempranillo - Ronnie, kill the dragon!
PICTURE Get well Ronnie, you are my hero! The world is full of kings and queens. Who blind your eyes and steal your dreams. -- Henri Lehmonen from Finland.
PICTURE This is Finland calling Ronnie! Otto, 5 yrs, wishes Ronnie strength and courage on his mission to Killing The Dragon once and for all. Otto knows, that Ronnie has been his father´s hero for almost 30 years. Behind the camera is hiding Jarkko, 39 yrs, continuously keeping horns up to witness Dio live in the near future after another battle won. Rock & Roll!
PICTURE Austin Hornbeck will "Stand up and Shout" so he can help Ronnie combat this Dragon!
PICTURE Ronnie... Once you gave me thumbs up for lucky... now it is my turn to wish you all the best for your recovery. Get well soon Brother! We need You.... Best Regards Peke from Finland
PICTURE Get well Ronnie! <3 Susanna, Finland
PICTURE RJD and I in Glasgow - where the tour should have started last Saturday. Best wishes for a speedy recovery Ronnie. Hope it's not long till you're back! -- Colin, Scotland
PICTURE Get well soon Ronnie, you truly are a living legend and one of the true great ones! Always sending you as much positive energy as possible! Cheers, T.T. from Paimio, Finland!
PICTURE Ronnie I love you!! Kill the Dragon and Stand up and SHOUT!!! -- Randy
PICTURE Dear Ronnie, get well soon, we need you. My thoughts are with you. - Mate from Croatia
PICTURE Perfect Strangers of Finland, PSOF board members Marika, Jari, Sirpa, Pekka and Mona rising their horns for Ronnie. Speedy recovery. Warm regards from Finland to our hero.
PICTURE Get well Ronnie! You are the best of all time! See You soon! -- Juha / Finland
PICTURE Ronnie James Dio is my # 1 heavy metal icon. I wish him a speedy and full recovery, I want him back to ROCK!!! -- Juha "Sabbathman" from Finland
PICTURE Get Well soon Ronnie, from the band Cessation Of Life!
PICTURE Greetings from green Poland! Dio please slay the beast and come back as soon as possible! We all miss you very much! Please be strong, grab your sword with both hands and cut off the head of the dragon! Let it's poisonous blood paint the cards of your glorious history once again! -- Phobos
PICTURE "You can be strong, You are fire and stone, And you want to touch the rainbow" - Please, be strong for us. -- Marta from Poland
PICTURE Ronnie, you have been an inspiration for me for over 20 years!! Here's a pic with my after show pass from a recent Heaven and Hell tour. Looking forward to seeing you back up on stage real soon. Nick from the United States
PICTURE Get well Ronnie! -- Bernardo
PICTURE Horns up, Get well soon Ronnie, Kill the dragon, my very best positives thoughts. -- J. Santiago Silva Grimaldo. León Guanajuato. México.
PICTURE Get well Ronnie! -- Dimon- Mga - Ronny good
PICTURE Seeing Heaven And Hell live in August at the Greek Theatre was a truly magical experience. Get well soon, Ronnie, and please come back! --Gary from Los Angeles
PICTURE Cousins Dimi (older) and Dimi (younger) from the magic Greek mountains. we wish dio the best and soon back on stage.dio rules.
PICTURE ...and the Greek Dimi clan has also one more cousin, Georg, wishing Ronnie the best!
PICTURE You helped me with your music through bad time years ago, now its time to help you back Ronnie, keep fighting, as I keep fighting in my childhood. So many hearts you touched with your music - you can't imagine. It's very impotant to wish you well ! One of your greatest fans Peter/Germany
PICTURE Mr. Dio your power is allways in our hearts, keep fighting and Kill the dragon. From Mexico City Ethel 4 years old & daddy Joules.
PICTURE Mr. Dio your power is allways in our hearts, keep fighting and Kill the dragon. From Mexico City Ethel 4 years old & daddy Joules.
PICTURE Dear Ronnie, Your Music supported everything me in Hard time, Now our turn to support you. Convalesce somewhat quicker, we all strongly experience \m/. Andrey. Russia
PICTURE Stay strong and get well soon! -- Jouni "Mr Jonez" Kuokkanen, PSOF, Finland
PICTURE GET WELL RONNIE!!!!!!! LONG LIVE ROCK N ROLL \,,/ LONG LIVE RONNIE JAMES DIO!!!!! WE ROCK MY FRIEND .................................... \,,/ IRVING FROM MEXICO CITY.............................\,,/
PICTURE Tuija and Matti from Finland
PICTURE Me (without horns up) Get well soon Ronnie :-) Your truely Fan Snuff Mc Noize from Germany
PICTURE Hey Ronnie You are the man! You are an Idol for many musicians and definitly of of the greatest personalitys in musicbusiness. I wish you all the best and i hope that you will recover verry soon, so i have another possibility to see you on stage again. HORNS UP FOR THE MAN PRAISE RONNIE JAMES DIO Yours faithfully Daniel from Germany
PICTURE My little daughter Yanis and me Chuy Calderon from Saltillo Coahuila in Mexico send you a horn signal and wish that you may recover pretty soon. Don't let that bastard let you down!! Horns up and get well!! \m/ Jeish!!!
PICTURE Ronnie, you are truly a Rainbow in the Dark. Thanks for all the inspiration. Get well soon! Put your horns up for the King of Rock 'n Roll! \m/ \m/ Carlos, California, US
PICTURE Get well soon!!!!!! I'm Sonny from Germany. You are the Best and fuck the Rest!
PICTURE I make a wish to Santa "for your health" Mr. Dio.
PICTURE Get well Ronnie. We wish you a speed recovery. From Belo Horizonte - Brazil --- Me (Duarte Jr.), My Son (Cristiano), my daughters, Patricia & Juliana, my mother (Jandyra) and my father (Duarte Senior). Long Live Ronnie \,,/
PICTURE I've been a fan since your days with Elf. Your work has inspired many and and my Sacred Heart is telling me your not done yet. You WILL climb this Silver Mountain and continue on as our King of Rock and Roll. Jim Lepkowski Florida USA
PICTURE Get well man! You got a lot more rockin ahead of you!!! Peace! Coby, USA
PICTURE Long Live to Ronnie!! Best wishes from Spain from me and my son. We rise our horns in hope!! Dio wil kill the dragon... no doubt. -- Jaume
PICTURE Dear Ronnie and Vendi, Hope you're ok and wish you a speedy recovery! Don't lose hope and optimism, I believe that all will be great! You can overcome it, I know! Lisa (from Spain)
PICTURE Ronnie,I wish you Victory about the "bad dragon".Do fight for yourself and for all of us who miss you and love you so much ! :-) Your Fan forever from Germany, Annette
PICTURE Dear Ronnie, get well. Marion from Germany
PICTURE Get well soon dear Ronnie!!! Best wishes from my daughter Tori and me (Victor) from Mexico City. WE ROCK!!!!
PICTURE Waiting for next gig! We Love You! Kaarlo & Co Finland
PICTURE Master! Kill the cancer! (This candle here is lit for the memory of the thing who dared to try attack you!) -- Janne from Finland
PICTURE Get well soon, Ronnie. I am sure we will see you back on stage in 2010 rocking us like you always have. Long Live Ronnie James Dio. -- Robert from Ireland
PICTURE Me and Ronnie from Southampton on the Holy Diver tour from 05,see you on return to touring Ronnie. Michael from the Isle Of Wight.England.
PICTURE Best Wishes to Ronnie James for a very speedy recovery! Horns up also to a very Merry Holiday Season! -- Lynn from Atlanta, GA
PICTURE Dear Ronnie, get well, you are a great inspiration for may metalheads aroun the world, Hector from México.
PICTURE My name is Vadim (right) I am from Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine. There are my friends Igor (middle), Artem (left). We are worried about you and your health. Your magic music helps me in my life. Nowadays I hope we all (your fans) help you to get stronger and overcome the illness. I believe you will kill the dragon and prevail over your hardships! WE ROCK! \m/ Good luck! :)
PICTURE Get back on stage Ronnie! We pray for you....J.R, Bergen - Norway.
PICTURE My name is Peter and I would like to wish DIO health and Mary Christmas. I hope that he'll recover soon and will be fighting forever \m/ -- Peter, Poland
PICTURE These two Guinea Pigs understand of music and are your biggest fans, as you can see of their devotion to your Evil Or Divine-dvd. Their family, Jani & Eveliina & Vilhelmiina Laaksonen from Tampere, Finland, wishes speed recovery and return to the stages of the world in the near future ! Long Live Rock´n Roll and Ronnie James Dio !
PICTURE With wishes of a speedy recovery, Anders from Gothenburg, Sweden
PICTURE Stand up and shout.... get well soon Ronnie - .Best wishes from Nicole and Erik - Germany !!!!!
PICTURE "Wake up and smile on me, sunshine.
Make me feel warmer all the way through.
After your love lights are burning.
Show me the sweet things i know you can do"
Long Live King of rock 'n' roll!
-- Albe from Italy
PICTURE "Get well Ronnie! - You Rock! - Mattias Ström/Sweden
PICTURE Dear Ronnie, We hope you'll be soon health enough to make your fans happy again! See you on stage! Radi, Rosen /dad - old big fan/ and Rali from Sofia, Bulgaria.
PICTURE Hey Ronnie! In June i saw you in Giessen with a first-klass music and i want to see you again!! I wish you a speedy recovery!!!!!!!!!! -- Best regards, Birgit
PICTURE GET WELL RONNIE!!!!! Repeat with me guys: oooH.... OOOOOH... OOOOOH.... ooooooooooooH!!!! oooooH.... OOOOOH... OOOOOH.... OOOH... OH... OH... OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \,,/IRVING LAM FROM MEXICO CITY \,,/
PICTURE Our prayers are with you - get well soon! God bless you! -- Edelweiss from Brazil
PICTURE This was a wonderful moment for my son Joe and I to both have have had an opportunity to meet Ronnie. He is a wonderful person and really appreciated how kind and sincere his is. Our hopes, wish and prayers are with Ronnie. Scott and Joe from Centreville Virginia.
PICTURE Ronnie Horns Up! Be strong and Get Well soon! We Rock! -- Daniela From Mexico City
PICTURE Federico and Alexandra from Germany wishing Ronnie a speedy recovery! Get well soon and stay healthy for the next 1000 YEARS !!! \m/ \m/
PICTURE Ronnie, get well soon! You're THE VOICE OF METALL!!! YOU ROCK FOREVER!!! -- Evgeni Kudryashov, Russia, Moscow
PICTURE Hi Ronnie! It's me again...."Anvilized". The pic I'm holding is from 8/18/09 in Cincy. The first pic, my eyes were closed. You were kind enough to let me get antoher shot and made sure it took. You're such a sweetheart! Wishing You Stronger Everyday & Feeling Better Soon. You Rock! LOVE & MAGIC TO YOU! -- Patti Wells
PICTURE Get Well, Ronnie!!! You'll Kill That Dragon Too!!! -- Igor from Australia
PICTURE Hello Ronnie! We are wishing you a speedy recovery! You are the best vocalist in the world! -- Vladimir, Slava, Sasha. Borisov, Belarus.
PICTURE Long Live to Ronnie!! From Germany Wilhelmshaven, Michael
PICTURE Your great voice is most inspiring and led me even through my darkest hours. Never surrender Ronnie - You´re the master! -- Uwe from Germany
PICTURE Fight that dragon! best wishes, M Wahlberg, Sweden

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