Ronnie James Dio News: January-June 2003

Here are all the news from the first half of 2003 - some of these may be outdated already, so please check out the newest news for updates!

June 24th, 2003: Craig's future - European tour - Another DVD idea

June 9th, 2003: Dio Anthology: Stand Up And Shout is out - More European dates - Rowan on the road - The Rods CDs

May 30th, 2003: A couple of gigs in Europe, Vinny Appice on Keeling's CD

May 24th, 2003: Craig's back!

May 13th, 2003: DVD info

May 9th, 2003: Some more Killing The Dragon tour dates!

May 6th, 2003: North American tour dates are here!

May 3rd, 2003: New Dio guitarist & whole lot of other stuff!

April 24th, 2003: IT'S A GIRL!!!

April 21st, 2003: New Jeff Pilson album

April 19th, 2003: Iron Maiden and Dio hit the US highways - Dio compilation CD news

April 15th, 2003: Deep Purple & Family Convention in Sweden, Doug's newest CD appearance, Black Sabbath demos

April 6th, 2003: Dio DVD news - a couple of new tour dates

March 29th, 2003: Dio plays Greece - News about Dio and Rainbow compilations - European release date for the Dio DVD - Dio in Rolling Stone magazine

March 15th, 2003: Compilations from Dio and Rainbow, Black Sabbath book, Simon Wright's DVD and a possible live appearance in the summer

March 4th, 2003: New Black Sabbath tribute album coming?

February 6th, 2003: Killing The Dragon tour continues in the Summer!

January 18th, 2003: Maybe Black + Blue DVD after all - New Dio box set coming out - Photos wanted for Dio DVD release!

January 12th, 2003: No Black + Blue DVD

January 6th, 2003: Black Sabbath books + Rainbow Rising book review

January 1st, 2003: Happy New Year!

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