Flesh And Blood / War & Peace

Band members

Jeff Pilson bass, vocals
Michael Diamond vocals
Vinny Appice drums
Randy Hansen guitars
Kevin Valentine drums
Darren Housholder guitars
Russ Parrish vocals, guitars
Tommy Hendrix vocals, bass
Ricky Parent drums

When Dokken still was trying to work on a live album, Jeff Pilson formed a band together with Diamond. Vinny Appice was helping them on drums but did not become a full member until December 1989, when he left Dio and replaced Kevin Valentine (Spring 1989-December 1989) in the band. The band was renamed from Flesh And Blood to War & Peace when Valentine joined them in Spring 1989

Their original guitarist Randy Hansen was replaced by Housholder in November 1989. They disbanded in Summer 1990, but then in the fall of 1990 Pilson met Tommy Hendrix and started to write songs with him. In December 1990 Ricky Parent and Russ Parrish joined their project and they became War & Peace again.

The band toured in early 1992 until they broke up in Spring 1992. At some point they had managed to record one album which was released after the break-up.


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