Dio concert review; May 11th, 1997 by Yoko Nakajima

The following is a review of the last show on the Angry Machines tour in Japan, originally e-mailed to me.

From: Yoko Nakajima (Yoko.Nakajima@ma1.seikyou.ne.jp)
Subject: the Final Review
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 1997 04:23:36 +0000

A review-"the warm and friendly final show in Japan" 11th, May at Club Citta in Kawasaki

I met my friend just before the door opened. There seemed to be less people than yesterday, but in the end the venue became full around six when the show began. We were in the second line to see DIO closely, though we thought there might be unwelcome shoving.

My friend was playing the keyboard in her student days, copying Deep Purple, Led Zep., and fusion, but that night was the first time for her to see DIO . What a long absence of DIO in Japan!

DIO showed the powerful and dignified play that night also. Just after the first JMHG, she said movingly, "excellent players, great! " Absolutely!

DIO seemed to be more interactive than yesterday. Larry very often came up near the people. Vinny was playing heavily and adhesively with a lot of sweat.

Dio's voice was echoing throughout the venue as strongly as the first day (or 10 years ago). His voice sounded deeper and stronger than on the past LPs. I heard his live voice for the first time in Vienna last Dec. I found his voice is so overwhelming that it isn't recorded on CDs fully.

Every time I see his shows, I feel he really becomes MUSIC ITSELF when he sings. However, at the same time he never forget his attentive and affectionate willpower toward the audience.

Tracy was absorbed in his own world. I guess he doesn't like behaving pushingly nor diplomatically and it is reflected in his performance. His solos aren't showy, but appeal to internal and insecure feelings which the 90s has willy-nilly brought to us. I associate his guitar with very contemporary atmosphere - reasonable and natural anger at terrible things here and there, to which we can't find a successful solution yet. The feelings his guitar conveys is another way of expression about mental conflict and agony in this world, I think...

After the show, my friend made some comments. "Tracy is excellent, but the solo was too long and drums were too heavy for me. Of course the whole sound was so powerful and great. I feel like playing music again!" Her small baby was waiting at home, so she said good bye to me.

There were over 20 people waiting for DIO near the back gate. While chatting, I found not a few of them were professional or semi-professional musicians. Some were praising Dio's voice and his fascinating performance. Others were surprised to see many fans still remaining. A young man was telling the story, "at the latest show of Glenn Hughes, there were just two fans waiting for him and..."

With the fans' calling "DIO!", each member came out one after and another. Unfortunately it was difficult for the people to have verbal communications, but it was sure they had a nice time - asking for their autographs, shaking hands, and smiling at each other and so on. I forgot to buy an instant camera again(!), so I became a temporary photographer for others.

I can remember someone took a few photos of Tracy and I together but the details escape me... He seemed to be a mild and nice person. However, it was a bit funny he was keen on taking girls'(women's) photos because it was against his image in my mind. My "verdict" is he is unaffected and honest to himself. I asked Vinny about the schedule of this summer (festivals etc.) but it wasn't finalized at that moment.

Finally, Dio appeared!

We had to form a queue and a man who, perhaps, was a tour manager looked sour to see the number of fans. Apparently they seemed to be in a hurry to go somewhere and Dio himself said "...quickly...", but eventually he was really kind to every fan as you know very well:) One of them was very pleased to get Dio's autographs on each of his vinyl DIO LPs, though staff said, "only one autograph per person, quick. Mr. Dio has another schedule. No photos, please!".

I wasn't able to find suitable things for autographs, so I was watching Dio's face which was full of expression, his black coat with stars and moons finely-woven and joyful looks of the people around him. Suddenly Tapio's tattoo of the DIO logo came into my mind and I decided to get the autograph on the upper arm of my white long-sleeve blouse. It must have been difficult to write on such a part, but Dio did it carefully, murmuring something (about the Italian wine or this autograph?). After that he hugged me tightly and gave me a kiss on the cheek;)

At last Dio got into a car and inside he raised his hand with his "sign"! The people were excited to see it and I also raised my hand with the sign in spite of myself. He left the perfect and strong impression to us and went away like a smart magician off the stage.

On the way back to my hotel, I walked along with a disabled senior citizen and we had a lot of talks. He was unable to walk well because of both his backbone's trouble and the alcohol. The day was just his birthday of 65 which openly entitled him to get a pension."So, it is such a happy day that I celebrated alone and drank too much carelessly." Up to that time he had been taken care of by social welfare and lived alone unemployed. I made a guess he may have regained his pride through the general entitlement of the pension.

However, I'm afraid his loneliness is also a problem, because being isolated like this means being ignored by the people and ostracized by the society in fact. Is it easy for him in this situation to draw a positive blueprint spontaneously? I hope from the heart he won't become heavily alcoholic because of alienation and loneliness. Probably not only monetary support but interactive and communicative support is needed to help such people help themselves.

His story reminded me of the lyrics of BLACK on the new album. Dio is singing like this: "there are no champions who saves the lonely ones in the corner " My answer is to do something ourselves just for our own empowerment, putting power and wealth aside. (George Michael also expressed this kind of issue in "Praying for Time" with wonderful lyrics---Congratulations, Labour cabinet! Five women ministers, one non-hetero minister, one disabled minister.)

These years I've heard many popular or highly-estimated rock bands' shows intensively and I've been a fan of classical and modern music, too. My conclusion is Mr. Dio is the absolutely irreplaceable and unparalleled musician and singer in the music world. The reason is, like M.Callas, he can bring vivid drama into his music through his spiritual concentration. He is the person of willpower which makes music real and persuasive in both romantic and modern worlds. Thinking about convincing music by warm players and the harsh story of that man, I've realized that at any time DIO's music is real to me in the end.

Next time I hope 90s' tunes are played more, including LP"Dehumanizer";) Also I hope his modern pursuit develops steadily to bear new musical fruit. For Dio the forefront is suitable . Thank you very much for dreams and modernity for real- that is, substantiated happiness for me! I love his romantic and observant eyes both!!

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