Dio concert review; May 10th, 1997 by Yoko Nakajima

The following is a review of the second last show on the Angry Machines tour in Japan, originally e-mailed to me.

From: Yoko Nakajima (Yoko.Nakajima@ma1.seikyou.ne.jp)
Subject: 3rd review in Japan Tour
Date: Mon, 19 May 1997 00:48:17 +0000

A review-"Full up with people, one of the most passionate nights in a body"

Club Citta in Kawasaki, 10th May

The venue is very famous for all the Japanese fan of heavy metal. But this is my first time here. As it is very far from my town, in any case of the other bands I'll never come (though I like fine musicians such as PRONG, the late A.Wood, E.Johnson and so on). It was Saturday so a lot of people were already gathering , from young students to middle-aged people. At five the door was open. I went forward but my friend went backward to enjoy DIO sounds and avoid pushing and shoving.

Before the beginning there were "DIO!" call here and there. When they appeared, the audience welcomed them enthusiastically with fists of R.J.Dio's sign (I don't know what it is called in English). Dio looked satisfied and enjoyed himself,too. Young men around me were completely got excited, and I had to smell a lot of their sweats! I am short (under 5'3''), so I wore shoes with 5" heals to see DIO. I was able to see Larry closely and Dio somehow.

The set list was same. Their performance was really overpowering and large-scaled. I am moved every time I hear the series of the tunes "Double Monday/Stand up and Shout/ Hunter of the Heart -Mistreated /Catch the Rainbow-guitar solo". His voice and charisma had been kept energetically. People were showing such enthusiastic responses that Dio looked more vivid and shining than in previous shows. He was grandly passionate and beautiful but at the same time observant and self-posessed. Amazing!! I can't find suitable expression with my limited English vocabulary.

After the show my friend praised Tracy's solo for the huge range of expression in various feelings. Also said to me, "from the first line to the last one all the audience raised their fists and totally united. I haven't seen a show like this...I could see the small children riding on Father's shoulders. Near me there was a fantastic fan! He at last stood on the table and began to imitate Dio's vocal and gestures. The imitation was good and he looked very happy. How did Ronnie feel him? "

Various ways of showing affections to DIO. In my case I lost one of my earings Mother presented on my 20th birthday, and my jacket was torn in the shoving crowd!

The show ended before eight, so we went to the reasonable Chinese restaurant in front of the venue's parking lot. Around, there were many small restaurants supposedly run by Chinese or Korean people. Dishes were very tasty. Interesting neighborhood. After the late supper we felt to have a drink. Eventually we found a cosy Italian tavern and had a very nice time. I like dry and full-bodied red wine produced in Italy. The Italian wine that night happened to be a bit light and sweet to me, though it was good like Japanese Sake. Anyway the extravagant day- tasty meal and wine, enjoyable talks, above all marvelous sings and music!!

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