Dio concert review; May 8th, 1997 by Yoko Nakajima

The following is a review of the second show on the Angry Machines tour in Japan, originally e-mailed to me.

From: Yoko Nakajima (Yoko.Nakajima@ma1.seikyou.ne.jp)
Subject: A review of 8th
Date: Wed, 14 May 1997 02:20:43 +0000

A review- " more feverish exitement than yesterday" at Nagoya Bottom Line, 8th May

It was gloomy and rainy day. I was so excited that I couldn't sleep well last night. I took super express train for an hour and checked in the cosy reasonable buisiness hotel. Being far from dense human relations in my job, to be alone with strong expectation is very great and enjoyable.

At five door was open and I was 4 or 5th lines near bassist's microphone. The reason is I like bass sound very much since I saw J.Pilson on the bootleg of "Strange Highways" . The venue, being full of people and keen young women again, was nearly half size of Osaka. At six the show began.

It is without saying DIO and the audience were very enthusiastic.(the same set list). Especially people were excited from the beginning, and R.J.Dio looked to be more relaxed and comfortable than yesterday. I was able to listen to the bass very well as I intended. Larry was playing energetically.

I felt "Stand up and Shout" between "Double Monday" and "the Hunter of the Heart" were revised much heavier and modern. These three tunes are very strong and powerful just before old mellow tunes(Mistreated, Catch the Rainbow). The contrast between two groups of tunes were VERY VERY beautiful.

After the show I've been waiting for DIO people with a girl I got acquainted with on the spot. There were around 10 people. She, wearing the T-shirt of Iron Maiden, is a keen fan of B.Dickinson, and let me show a lot of his photoes in Japan about 10 years ago. Bruce in there looked just like a naughty boy! Very young. She missed his long hair and complained " he should hide his face with it!" Wow, I like him with short hair!

On DIO she commented that she wanted Tracy to play more melodies like Ritchie (well, again...) and that Dio was the too great singer so other members might be allowed so-so easily by the fans when they made some mistakes or a little bit poorly played. She herself plays the guitar.

Eventually she has become one of the keen Dio fans because she found he was generous and really friendly. She got his three signs:for herself, her boyfriend, and his big brother! Except her, unfortunatelly they couldn't come here because of their works, though they were more keen fans than she, she explained.

After shaking hands with Dio she said to me,"on stage he looks decisive and very professional, but in everyday situation he must be kind and nice person. I could say Uncle Dio." .....I've found myself to fall down into the generation gap! "Uncle Dio" !? A buzz word among the fans of Japanese young girls?? Personally I can't accept it, never!!

...Anyway fresh experiences and surprises to me!

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