Dio concert review; April 22nd, 1997 by John Wiggelaar

The following is a review of the only Canadian Dio show of the third North American leg of the Angry Machines tour, originally posted to alt.music.dio.

From: nucfit@idirect.com (John Wiggelaar)
Subject: DIO @ TORONTO 4/22/97
Date: 23 Apr 97 19:35:52 UTC

I caught DIO last night at the Warehouse in Toronto.The place holds about 2800 people and the crowd was probably 1500 or so.The set list was pretty much the same as the recent reviews except Man On The Silver Mountain was added as an encore.The band sounded great,Ronnie's voice was amazing.Having not seen him live since the Dehumanizer tour I think his voice was even sharper than that tour.

Hunter of the heart was just amazing,very brutal and very heavy,I think one the heaviest tunes Ronnie's ever done!My favorite tune was Catch the rainbow which I never thought I would ever get to here again as its been a personal fav since On Stage.Is there another drummer that hits the skins as hard as Vinny?

The only disappointment was with Tracy.On some of the tunes he did a great job but on others like Heaven and Hell he butchered the tune.You just don't fuck with tradition.The only good thing about his guitar solo was that it gave me time to get a beer and take a piss.All in all it was a great show and I hope Dio continues with this heavier direction but doesn't wait 5 years to come back here.

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