Dio concert review; March 4th, 1997 by Richard Beatty

The following is a review of a Dio show on the second European leg of Angry Machines tour, originally e-mailed to me.

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Date: Thu, 19 Jun 1997 09:24:58 +0200 (MET DST)

Gent, Belgium.

This was my second helping of Dio from the Angry Machines tour, after following the Roadie to Gent (4,5 hour drive) to bring him some teabags I got to see Dio again.

This how was much, much, much, much, much better than the Paradiso attempt. The Venue was absolutely fantastic, the sound was great and the band played like they meant it.

After the show which consisted of the same set as Amsterdam (exept for the fact that Catch the Rainbow was longer and more like 1975..YES!) and as I said the sound was one Hell of a lot better, and the drove at the music to the max. True Hardrock.

We ended outside and I had to Load the truck!! (lazy f#@#ing Roadies) but I had fun. And after I gave my teabags to the driver he tried to get me inside, but after approx. fifteen mins. He came out and said that Dio was coming out shortly and that he was sorry. I of course waited for Mr. Dio.

The band came out first, but didn't seem to have much time for the fans. they left and Ronnie came out. He greeted all his followers and asked them to go with him to the tourbus. We went and signed everything that was to be signed and took photographs with all. My two friends (Michael & some dickhead who's name I won't mention...) Had autographs and photos with him. Then it was my turn. I had my Stratocaster with me and Ronnie signed it 'To Richard, Magic, Ronnie James Dio'. He then reconised me from the Amsterdam show (I met him outside in Full Ritchie Blackmore outfit - coat, tophat, wig, moustache and everything) and said it was great that I had come to this show as well.

It was a great evening I will not forget soon.

My thanks to Ronnie and his band. Long live rock 'n' Roll.

Richard Beatty

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