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Tapio's tattoo

My own Dio tattoo, done on May 8th, 1996. I considered almost five years whether I should take it or forget it - and finally my girlfriend helped my decision by giving this tattoo as a birthday gift for me. And as it usually happens after your first tattoo, you start to think about getting second one right away - so I'm already thinking about another tattoo - Elf's Trying To Burn The Sun album cover on my right arm.


I drew this back in 1990 while anxiously waiting for the London gig to happen.


The very first time I've met Ronnie - this happened after Black Sabbath concert at Edinburgh Playhouse in Scotland on September 2nd, 1992. I was 20 years old back then.


Ronnie, Vinny & me, the same place as in the above picture.

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