FAQ: Why Ronnie Left Black Sabbath In 1992?

Quite soon after the Dehumanizer tour had started, it came apparent that there still were some problems. Ronnie and Vinny always were in the other end of the tour bus than Tony and Geezer. Those two parties didn't spend too much time together at all, and Tony and Geezer still disappeared right after the shows - sometimes only to the tour bus behind the venue, just to wait until Ronnie and Vinny would come. Ronnie and Vinny usually spent a couple of hours backstage with their fans.

When Ozzy invited Black Sabbath to open his "last" two shows, Ronnie decided that he will not do those shows. He didn't want to open to anyone, let alone Ozzy Osbourne, one of the original Black Sabbath members. He announced to Black Sabbath that they're free to do anything they want, but he will quit from Black Sabbath just before those two shows in Costa Mesa. Incidentally, the original contract Ronnie had made with Black Sabbath, was valid until November 13th, 1992 and those two Costa Mesa shows were scheduled to November 14th and 15th.

Those Costa Mesa shows were only the final nail for Ronnie's quitting from Black Sabbath. According to Ronnie himself, the fact that the band athmosphere hadn't changed in the 10 years was much more important reason for his quitting.

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