FAQ: Various birthdays

Here are some birthdays listed in various metal magazines etc. I haven't put in the birth years for some of these people who haven't published their birth years by themselves. Please don't ask me for those years, as I don't want to invade anyone's private life.

Carmine Appice December 15th, 1946
Vinny Appice September 13th, 1957
Geezer Butler July 17, 1949
Vivian Campbell August 25th, 1962
Bob Daisley February 13th, 1950
Ronnie James Dio July 10th
Tracy G January 3rd
Craig Goldie November 6th, 1961
Tony Iommi February 19th, 1948
Jens Johansson November 2nd, 1963
James Kottak December 26th, 1962
Geoff Nicholls February 29th
Jeff Pilson January 19th (or 18th?)
Cozy Powell December 29th, 1947
Rowan Robertson November 22nd, 1971
Bill Ward May 5th, 1948
Simon Wright June 19th, 1963

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