Gary Driscoll personal information

It is unknown what Gary Driscoll, born in 1946, did before joining The Electric Elves in late 1967. The band changed its name to The Elves in mid 1969 and stayed under that name until mid 1970, when the band met a car accident.

After recovering from the accident, Driscoll continued with most of his bandmates in a band called Elf. He stayed in the band until it ended in February 1975 and continued with the majority of his colleaques to Rainbow. . However, he didn't stay in Rainbow for too long time, as their guitarist Ritchie Blackmore fired him them in September 1975.

History after leaving Rainbow:

Besides playing in these bands, he had to take a job outside music to support himself, although he still played at least some sessions, too. This supposedly happened during and after his Bible Black days.

Gary Driscoll was murdered in New York in early June 1987 at the age of 41. There are lots of rumors concerning his untimely death. I will not speculate here what is the correct story; it is not related to Gary's music in any way.

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