Doug Thaler personal information

Before joining The Electric Elves in late 1967, Doug Thaler played in several local bands in Cortland, NY. One of them was Brian's Idles, where Doug played guitar and Brian Miles was the singer. Brian's Idles played from about 1964 to 1966 or so.

The Electric Elves changed their name to The Elves in mid 1969. They remained under that name for about a year, and then in mid 1970, they got into a car accident.

After the accident Doug Thaler spent several months in a hospital. After his recovery he left the band because of both musical and personal disagreements. After leaving the band, he disappeared from the music scene for a quite a long time, until in the 1980s he became one of the managers of a band called Mötley Crue. However, some sources suggest that for a short while Doug Thaler would've been a part of Elf (the band that followed The Elves), not as a keyboardist but as a guitarist.

These days Doug Thaler is working for Top Rock Development Corp. in Tarzana, CA.

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