David Feinstein personal information

It is unknown what David Feinstein did before joining The Electric Elves in late 1967. The band changed their name to The Elves in mid 1969 and stayed under that name until a car accident, which happened in 1970.

After recovering from the accident, Feinstein continued with two of his bandmates to Elf. He played guitar with them until early 1973, when he decided to quit because he didn't like touring. After Elf, he formed a band called The Rods. Around 1978 he supposedly worked with a project called David Feinstein's Funk - they played mainly or only in Upstate New York. He also had a band called Hollywood.

Nowadays Feinstein is a retired musician and he owns a restaurant called Hollywood on the Groton Avenue in Cortland. Although he has retired from the music scene, he still sometimes plays guitar at the local summer festivals around Cortland. In the Spring of 1995 Feinstein was about to open another restaurant.

It is interesting to notice that David Feinstein is actually Ronnie James Dio's cousin - and at the same time supposedly the only relative of his who has appeared in the music world.

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