Heavy Metal Soundtrack 8-Track Tape Discography

Music From The Motion Picture Heavy Metal
    Program 1
    1. Sammy Hagar: Heavy Metal
    2. Riggs: Heartbeat
    3. Devo: Working In A Coalmine
    4. Stevie Nicks: Blue Lamp
    Program 2
    1. Cheap Trick: Reach Out
    2. Journey: Open Arms
    3. Donald Fage: True Companion
    4. Nazareth: Crazy (A Suitable Case For Treatment)
    Program 3
    1. Riggs: Radar Rider
    2. Don Felder: Heavy Metal (Takin' A Ride)
    3. Grand Funk Railroad: Queen Bee
    4. Blue Oyster Cult: Veteran Of The Psychic Wars
    Program 4
    1. Black Sabbath: Mob Rules (*)
    2. Don Felder: All Of You
    3. Trust: Prefabricated
    4. Cheap Trick: I Must Be Dreamin'
    - (*) includes Ronnie James Dio on vocals
    - E5150 missing from the soundtrack although it exists in the movie
    - Mob Rules is a different version than on the Mob Rules album
  • Electra/Asylum D8-90004, USA, 1981
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