Ronnie Dio And The Prophets Sampler CD Discography

The History Of Syracuse Music Volume I: The Groups - 1958-1970 - 35th Anniversary Reissue
  1. Dialtones: Cherry Pie
  2. Jan And The Radiants: If You Love Me
  3. Bobby Comstock And The Counts: The Garden Of Eden
  4. Ronnie Dio And The Red Caps: An Angel Is Missing
  5. Sam And The Twisters: Fooba Wooba John
  6. Baron Daemon And The Vampires: The Transylvania Twist
  7. The Madisons: Looking For A True Love
  8. Don Barber And The Dukes: The Waddle
  9. Otis And All Night Workers: Don't Put All Your Eggs
  10. Fallen Angles: Bad Woman
  11. The Endless Knights: I Love You
  12. The Nightcaps: Keep On Runnin'
  13. The Montereys: If Wishes Were Horses
  14. The Sermon: You're Never Gonna Find Another Love
  15. The Magnificent Seven: Tell Her No
  16. Ron Wray And Headstone II: Speed
  17. Bobby Comstock And The Counts: Tra La La (bonus)
  18. Terry Daly And The Nu Tones: Don't Bug Me (bonus)
  19. Sam And the Twisters: Fooba Wooba John (Demo #3) (bonus)
  20. The Cindells: Don't Bring Me Down (bonus)
  21. Larry Santos: Cheryl Anne (unreleased) (bonus)
  22. The Madisons: Can You Imagine It (a capella demo) (bonus)
  23. W.O.L.F's Dale Dorman: Radio Aircheck (bonus)
  • Petcap Music, 2005

      CD-R release.


The Syracuse History Of Rock 'N' Roll Volume 1
  1. Jimmy Cavallo & The House Rockers: Leave Married Women Alone
  2. Bobby Comstock & The Counts: 3 Signs Of Love
  3. Teen-Tones: Miss Sweet
  4. Jan & The Radiants: Now Is The Hour
  5. Ronnie Dio And The Red Caps: An Angel Is Missing
  6. Sam & The Twisters: Fooba Wooba John
  7. Bobby Comstock & The Counts: I Wanna Do It
  8. Baron Daemon & The Vampires: The Transylvania Twist
  9. Bel-Larks With The Eternals: A Million & One Dreams
  10. Carmen & The Vikings: I Do
  11. Otis & The All Night Workers: Don't Put All Your Eggs In One Basket
  12. Don Barber & The Dukes: The Waddle
  13. Fallen Angels: Ban Woman
  14. Monterays: If Wishes Were Horses
  15. Wilmer & The Dukes: Gimme One More Chance
  16. The Sermon: You're Never Gonna Find Another Love
  17. The Seven: Heatwave
  18. Jam Factory: Talk Is Cheap
  19. Stompin' Suede Greasers: Saddle Shoes
  20. C.R.A.C.: Of The Lights
  21. Alligators: I Try & I Try
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Tip Top Teeny Volume 3
  1. Hank Price III: Angel In My Arms
  2. Tino & The Revlons: Wedding Bells Will Ring
  3. Don Dell: Make Believe Love
  4. Karl Hammel, Jr.: Drop Me A Line
  5. Rudy & Vince: Let's Carve Our Initials
  6. Grady Sneed: Skippin' School
  7. Harrison J Freese, Jr.: I Hope It's Soon
  8. Cosmo: Sweetheart Please Don't Go
  9. Terry Dunavan: I Know
  10. Charlie Blackwell: Kath-A-Leen
  11. Ronnie And The Red Caps: Love Pains
  12. Buzz Clifford: More Dead Than Alive
  13. Hank Price III: How Will It End
  14. Bill Phillips: Walk With Me Baby
  15. Mark Taylor: I'm Waiting Just For You
  16. Ray Lynn: Forbidden
  17. Ronnie Dawson: My Big Desire
  18. The Reflectons: In The Still Of The Night
  19. Johnny MacRae: Such A Fool
  20. David Houston: Livin' In A House Full Of Love
  21. Billy Joe Royal: Never In A Hundred Years
  22. David Hayes: Meet Me Here
  23. Dave Curtis: Sweet Little Lassie
  24. Terry Dunavan: My Darling
  25. Frankie Knight: Unchained Melody
  26. Hank Price III: Three Little Lies
  27. Danny Brikta: Sweet Little Angel
  28. Bill Haney: You Don't Care About Me
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