Queensryche LP Discography

This page lists all the Queensryche LPs with Ronnie James Dio on them.

Queensryche: Operation Mindcrime II
Side A:
  1. Freiheit Ouverture
  2. Convict
  3. I'm American
  4. One Foot In Hell
  5. Hostage
Side B:
  1. The Hands
  2. Speed Of Light
  3. Signs Say Go
  4. Re-Arrange You
  5. The Chase (*)
Side C:
  1. Murderer?
  2. Circles
  3. If I Could Change It All
  4. An Intentional Confrontation
Side D:
  1. A Junkie's Blues
  2. Fear City Slide
  3. All The Promises
    (*) Includes Ronnie James Dio on vocals
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