Eddie Ojeda Counterfeit CD Discography

These are counterfeited Eddie Ojeda CDs with Ronnie James Dio on them.

Eddie Ojeda: Axes 2 Axes
  1. Tonight (*)
  2. Axes 2 Axes
  3. Please Remember
  4. Eleanor Rigby
  5. Evil Duz (What Evil Knows)
  6. Crosstown
  7. Senorita Knows
  8. Love Power
  9. Funky Monkey
  10. The Reason
  11. Living Free
(*) = Includes Ronnie James Dio on vocals.
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  • "Black Lotus Records" GP-05 GT 000503 (BLR/CD 100), 2005 or 2006

      Counterfeit release, claims to be from Black Lotus Records. Comes in a regular CD jewel case, while the legal copies of the CD were released in a digipak. Country of origin is unknown, but possibly Russia.

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