Kerry Livgren's Sampler CD discography

These are sampler CDs with at least one Kerry Livgren track with Ronnie James Dio.

Rock On Christian Vintage
  1. The Doobie Brothers: Jesus Is Just Alright
  2. Mr. Mister: Kyrie
  3. Alice Cooper: Nothing's Free
  4. Kerry Livgren: Slow Motion Suicide
  5. Stryper: Always There For You
  6. After The Fire: Laser Love
  7. The Call: The Walls Came Down
  8. Pacific Gas & Electric: Are You Ready?
  9. Lake: Jesus Came Down
  10. Kerry Livgren: To Live For The King (*)
  11. Grand Funk Railroad: I Can Feel Him In The Morning
  12. Birtles And Goble: He Gives Us All His Love
  13. People Featuring Larry Norman: I Love You
  14. David And The Giants: One Less Stone
  15. Argent: God Gave Rock 'N' Roll To You
  16. Roy Buchanan: The Messiah Will Come Again
    - (*) includes Ronnie James Dio on vocals

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