Heaven And Hell Sampler CD Discography

These are CD samplers with at least one track from Heaven And Hell with Ronnie James Dio.

No Sleep 'Til September
  1. Type O Negative: Dead Again
  2. Motörhead: In The Name Of Tragedy (live)
  3. Saxon: Let Me Feel Your Power
  4. Iced Earth: Ten Thousand Strong
  5. Symphony X: Serpent's Kiss
  6. Kamelot: Ghost Opera
  7. Rhapsody Of Fire: Dawn Of Victory (live)
  8. Freedom Call: Blackened Sun
  9. Annihilator: Couple Suicide (Featuring Danko Jones and Angela Gossow)
  10. Hatesphere: Forever War
  11. Unleashed: Loyalty And Pride
  12. Raging Speedhorn: Too Drunk To Give A Fuck
  13. Moonspell: Luna
  14. Heaven And Hell: Trailer for the DVD&CD Live From Radio City Music Hall (video)
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Rock S'Cool
CD 1:
  1. Whitesnake: Fool For Your Loving (live)
  2. UFO: Lights Out (live)
  3. Black Sabbath/Heaven And Hell: Mob Rules (live)
  4. Axel Rudi Pell: Rock The Nation
  5. Doro: Burn It Up
  6. Judas Priest: Bullet Train
  7. Saxon: Need For Speed
  8. Metal Church: Ton Of Bricks
  9. Beyond Fear: Scream Machine
  10. Messiah's Kiss: The Ancient Cries
  11. Iced Earth: The Reckoning
  12. Kamelot: When The Lights Are Down
  13. Demons & Wizards: Terror Train
  14. Freedom Call: Queen Of My World
  15. Helloween: Dr. Stein (live)
CD 2:
  1. Kreator: Reconquering The Throne
  2. Sodom: Bibles And Guns
  3. Destruction: Mad Butcher (live)
  4. Annihilator: Clown Parade (Featuring Jeff Loomis)
  5. Grip, Inc: Ostracized
  6. Biohazard: Sellout
  7. Sepultura: Convicted In Life
  8. Type O Negative: Dead Again
  9. Hatesphere: Reaper Of Life
  10. Raging Speedhorn: How Much Can A Man Take
  11. Engel: In Splendour
  12. Skinny Puppy: Politkil
  13. Amplifier: The Consultancy
  14. Zebrahead: Anthem
  15. Motörhead: Ace Of Spades (live)
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