Heaven And Hell Counterfeit CD Discography, November 2006-

These are illegal, unauthorized copies of Heaven And Hell related CDs.

The Devil You Know
  1. Atom And Evil
  2. Fear
  3. Bible Black
  4. Double The Pain
  5. Rock And Roll Angel
  6. The Turn Of The Screw
  7. Eating The Cannibals
  8. Follow The Tears
  9. Neverwhere
  10. Breaking Into Heaven
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Greatest Hits
CD 1:
  1. Rainbow: Man On The Silver Mountain
  2. Rainbow: Starstruck
  3. Rainbow: Long Live Rock 'N' Roll
  4. Black Sabbath: Neon Knights
  5. Black Sabbath: Heaven And Hell
  6. Black Sabbath: Mob Rules
  7. Black Sabbath: Turn Up The Night
  8. Black Sabbath: After All (The Dead)
  9. Black Sabbath: TV Crimes
  10. Black Sabbath: The Devil Cried
  11. Black Sabbath: Shadow Of The Wind
  12. Heaven And Hell: Atom & Evil
  13. Heaven And Hell: Follow The Tears
  14. Heaven And Hell: Breaking Into Heaven
  15. Heaven And Hell: Bible Black
CD 2:
  1. Dio: Stand Up And Shout
  2. Dio: Holy Diver
  3. Dio: Don't Talk To Strangers
  4. Dio: Rainbow In The Dark
  5. Dio: We Rock
  6. Dio: The Last In Line
  7. Dio: King Of Rock And Roll
  8. Dio: Hungry For Heaven
  9. Dio: Dream Evil
  10. Dio: All The Fools Sailed Away
  11. Dio: Hey Angel
  12. Dio: Strange Highways
  13. Dio: Institutional Man
  14. Dio: Lord Of The Last Day
  15. Dio: Killing The Dragon
  16. Dio: Master Of The Moon
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