Roger Glover And Guests' Sampler LP Discography

These are Roger Glover And Guests' sampler LPs with Ronnie James Dio on at least one song on them.

Der Sampler 3
  1. Mickey Jupp: Chevrolet
  2. Roger Glover And Guests: Love Is All
  3. Ian Comm: Murder In The Night
  4. Renaissance: Jigsaw
  5. Terry & The Pirates: I Put A Spell On You
  6. Man: Ride And The View
  1. Jon Lord: Bouree (single version)
  2. Del Shannon: Life Without You
  3. Any T rouble: Foolish Pride
  4. Rupert Hine: Move Along
  5. Steve Young: Think It Over
  6. Mitch Ryder: Freezin' In Hell
  • Line Records Line 4.00203 E, Germany, 1986
      - White vinyl
  • Line Records Line 4.00203, Germany, 1987

Especial Discoteca
  1. Ian Gillan Band: Down The Road
  2. Ian Gillan Band: Let It Slide
  3. Roger Glover And Guests: Love Is All
  4. Ian Gillan Band: You Can Make Me Feel So Good
  5. Ian Gillan Band: Shame
  6. Ian Gillan Band: My Baby Loves Me
  7. Ian Gillan Band: Lay Me Down
    Exact track listing unknown, includes 9 songs from the band Focus.
    - The songs are edited to be shorter

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