Dog Eat Dog Counterfeit CD Discography

This page lists all the Dog Eat Dog counterefeit CDs with Ronnie James Dio on them.

Dog Eat Dog: 1993-2002
    Exact track listing unknown, includes at these albums as MP3s (Play Games features Ronnie James Dio singing part of the US national anthme in the song Games):
  • Warrant CD EP (1993)
  • All Boro Kings (1994)
  • Play Games (1996)
  • Live At PukkelPop (1997)
  • Amped (1999)
  • In The Dog House - The Best And The Rest (2000)
  • Nastasee: Nastasee (1996)
  • Nastasee: Ule Tide (1998)
  • All Boro Kings: Just For The Fun Of It
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