Dio promo video discography, October 1982-Early 1991, Summer 1993-

Holy Diver, 1983

    Ronnie James Dio battles through his way in a castle ruins. Directed by Arthur Ellis, produced by Adam Whittaker for Limelight.

Rainbow In The Dark, 1983

    Ronnie James Dio singing on a roof in London, UK; a man following a woman around Soho in London. Directed by Arthur Ellis, produced by Adam Whittaker for Limelight.

The Last In Line, 1984

    Young boy goes to an elevator trip to hell in the Niji Management building. Directed by Don Coscarelli, produced by Leslie Lieman and Francis Moore.

Mystery, 1984

    Ronnie James Dio walking around a magic land and in the end magically disappears with a girl.

We Rock, 1984

    Taken directly from A Special From The Spectrum video and used as a promo video at least on European TV. Directed by Phil Tuckett, produced by Steven Sabol for NBL Films.

Hungry For Heaven, 1985

    Filmed live on stage during the Sacred Heart tour. Directed by Jim May, produced by Wendy Dio.

Rock 'N' Roll Children, August 28th, 1985

    Two youngsters get lost in a magic closet which becames a labyrinth of childhood horrors. Directed by Daniel Kleinman, produced by Simon Fields. Original US release tape has white Warner Bros' sticker on the black plastic sleeve and on the tape. There is also a blue sticker on the tape. Click here for the WB sticker picture on the tape.

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King Of Rock And Roll, 1985 or 1986

    Live footage, includes clips from previous videos. Directed by Phil Tuckett, produced by Steve Sabor for NFL Films.

I Could Have Been A Dreamer, 1987

    The band plays in front of a painted desert scenery with a big moon in the sky.

All The Fools Sailed Away, 1987

    People sailing away, filmed on a beach in Malibu, California, USA. Directed by Marty Callner, produced by Marty Callner and Doug Major.

Stand Up And Shout, 1987

    Live footage from Dream Evil tour. Directed by Robert Parker, produced by Wendy Dio.

Hey Angel, August 8th, 1990 Click for bigger picture

Wild One, 1990

    Young skateboardists in a city. Originally only for US TV, but later released in Europe too on Time Machine video. Directed by Jean Pellerin, produced by Lisa Hollingshead for DNA.

Evilution, 1993

    Filmed on stage at the Hammersmith Odeon in London on December 12th, 1993. However, the video was never released even though it supposedly hit even the post-process stage.

Push, 2002

    Filmed in Los Angeles. Ronnie meets the Tenacious D singing slightly modified version of Heaven And Hell and tosses them a dime. This leads to Dio performing Push in front of white background. Shown worldwide on TV as well as included as MPEG file on Killing The Dragon tour edition CD.

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