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Westwood One High Voltage: Show #92-24
    Exact track listing unknown, includes the following songs:
  1. Wild One
  2. Children of the Sea
  3. Man on the Silver Mountan
  4. Rainbow Medley
  5. Long Live Rock And Roll
  6. Stand Up and Shout
  7. Don't Talk to Strangers
  8. Last in Line
  9. Heaven and Hell
  10. Rainbow in the Dark
  11. Egypt (the Chains are On)
  12. Holy Diver
  13. Lock Up The Wolves
  14. We Rock
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Westwood One High Voltage: Show #94-30
    Reel 1/2:
  1. Intro
  2. AT&T Commercial
  3. Samuel Adams Boston Lager Commercial
  4. Dio: Mob Rules
  5. Dio: Children Of The Sea
  6. AT&T Commercial
  7. Dentyne Commercial
  8. Pennzoil Commercial
  9. Trojan PSA Commercial
  10. Dio: Man On The Silver Mountain
  11. Dio: Tarot Woman
  12. Dio: Stargazer
  13. Dio: Long Live Rock 'N' Roll
  14. Wrigley's Big Red Commercial
  15. Freeman Sweepstakes Commercial
  16. US Army Commercial
  17. Dentyne Commercial
  18. Dio: Stand Up And Shout
  19. Dio: Don't Talk To Strangers
  20. Boston Beer Commercial
  21. Dentyne Commercial
  22. Pennzoil Commercial
  23. Request Magazine Feature Commercial
  24. Dio: The Last In Line
  25. Dio: Heaven And Hell
  26. AT&T Commercial
  27. Boston Beer Commercial
  28. Wrigley's Big Red Commercial
  29. US Army Commercial
  30. Trojan PSA Commercial
  31. Dio: Rainbow In The Dark
  32. Dio: Holy Diver Commercial
  33. Wrigley's Big Red Commercial
  34. Boston Beer Commercial
  35. Freeman Sweepstakes Commercial
  36. Dentyne Commercial
  37. Dio: Lock Up The Wolves
  38. Dio: We Rock
  39. Outro
  • Show #94-30, USA

      Show on two reels in white boxes. Includes an AT&T stickers on the covers and a que sheet.

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