David Coverdale's Compilation LP Discography

These are David Coverdale's Compilation LPs with Ronnie James Dio on them.

Whitesnake / Northwinds
Side A:
  1. Lady
  2. Blindman
  3. Goldies Place
  4. Whitesnake
Side B:
  1. Time On My Side
  2. Peace Lovin' Man
  3. Sunny Days
  4. Hole In The Sky
  5. Celebration
Side C:
  1. Keep On Giving Me Love
  2. Northwinds
  3. Give Me Kindness (*)
  4. Time & Again
Side D:
  1. Queen Of Hearts
  2. Only My Soul
  3. Say You Love Me
  4. Breakdown
    - (*) includes Ronnie James Dio and Wendy Dio in a choir
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