Tuska Metal Festival, Helsinki, Finland, July 18th 2004

One word review: WOW!

Set List was as follows:

Excellent gig! As I've said many times, I've followed Dio too long time to be objective any more, but I still can honestly say that the set list was absolutely great, even though we did not get anything between 1986 and 2003.

The festival was sold out, 25 500 people in the audience during the three days. My wife and me as well as the huge Dio fan Thomas Krause auf Deutschland were there only to see Dio, so I cannot comment the other bands or the festival itself.

Dio headlined the festival and the area was packed to its limits when Dio hit the stage. The crowd was really well into the show - I've read a couple of newspaper reviews and they have been nothing but extremely positive about the show!

The Eyes was very, very heavy song, reminded me about Rock & Roll from Killing The Dragon. However, after discussing with the band about the track, they say that the sound is somewhat different on the album - cannot wait to get to hear it!

The band played slightly shorter set list compared to the two Russian gigs, because the festival had 90 minute time slot reserved for Dio.. However, they originally did not have The Last In Line on the set list but since they had enough time, they included it there before We Rock.

Rudy Sarzo proved to be an EXCELLENT replacement for Jimmy Bain. Everyone in the band was very, very happy to have him in the band, everyone was all smiles there! Off-stage he was very polite, friendly and certainly "at home" with the Dio family!

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