Tony Carey personal information

Before joining Rainbow in October 1975, Carey played in a group called Blessings - a country band in Los Angeles.

Although October 1975 is commonly stated as the date Carey joined Rainbow, some rumors claim that he'd joined them already in May 1975. Those rumors are not confirmed, though. In January 1977 Tony Carey was fired from Rainbow, but then got almost immediately invited back to the band. He stayed in the band until July 1977, when he left them again.

There are two stories about why he left Rainbow; one is the same as it was for Matt Clark - i.e. the lack of inspiration, but another story deals with Rainbow's guitarist Ritchie Blackmore and occultism. Stories claim that Blackmore was heavily into occult and while they were in France trying to record a new album, the locals didn't like his occultism. One night someone threw a brick through their window and Carey decided it was enough for him.

However, although he doesn't appear in the credit list for the Long Live Rock And Roll album, released in 1978, he played keyboards on some parts of it.

History after leaving Rainbow:

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