Jimmy Bain personal information

Jimmy Bain was born in Newtonmore in Scotland, UK. He played in various Scottish bands before moving to Vancouver, UK.

Known history before joining Rainbow in August 1975:

Jimmy Bain was invited to Rainbow by Ritchie Blackmore after Blackmore had spotted him in Harlot's show at Marquee Club in London. He was invited at the same time to play in a band called The Babys, but he decided to join Rainbow in August 1975.

Jimmy Bain stayed in Rainbow for about year and a half before he got fired from it in January 1977. The reasons behind the firing were claimed to be "not complementing the style and direction of the founder members." It has been also stated that Bain had problems with alcohol, as well as that he was playing out of tune. According to Rainbow's then-singer Ronnie James Dio Bain definitely wasn't playing out of tune, though.

After Rainbow Jimmy Bain formed a band called Wild Horses with whom he recorded two albums before starting to do session work with various musicians, including Roy Harper, John Cale, Kate Bush, Philip Liner and Phil Lynott - he also co-wrote songs with Lynott and Roger Chapman, as well as toured Lynott and John Cale.

In October 1982 he returned to work with the original singer from Rainbow, as he was invited to play together with Ronnie James Dio and Vinny Appice in a new band called Dio.

Jimmy Bain stayed in Dio for quite a long time, but in mid August, 1989, NIJI Management informed press about his and Dio's keyboardist Claude Schnell's firing from the band. Some sources suggest the reason to have been musical differences and personal problems between Bain and Dio and others talk about alcohol problems. After this Jimmy Bain gave many negative, even insulting interviews about Ronnie James Dio to metal press.

After getting fired from Dio, Bain played in WWIII. After they split up, he joined Dio again in November, 1992. However, he didn't stay in the band for too long, as in March 1993 he was out of the band again. Ronnie James Dio commented to the press just that Bain could not work satisfactorily with the band. After this he supposedly tried to get bassist spot in Scorpions, but without much luck there.

In the summer of 1996, Jimmy Bain started to make a come-back to rock 'n' roll world with his band Key.

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