Jens Johansson

Jens Johansson was born in Stockholm, Sweden on November 2nd, 1963. He joined Dio on 27th of September, 1989. He had left Yngwie J. Malmsteen bit over a month before joining Dio, as Malmsteen's band was basically falling apart.

After Dio more or less disbanded in 1991, Johansson went on recording a solo album in April 1991 (released in September on Amigo Records in Sweden) and playing on a bunch of avant-garde recording sessions in New York. He also had a short European tour with Swedish bassist Jonas Hellborn and Ginger Baker. He played with the Ginger Baker Trio in 1992, and recorded a progressive rock album with his brother in 1994 under the name "The Johansson Brothers". He did sessions until late 1995, when he joined Finnish band called Stratovarius. He is also involved with running a reissue Jazz label in Sweden. He still lives in New York.


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