Geezer Butler

Terence "Geezer" Butler was born on July 17th, 1949 in UK. Before forming Black Sabbath with the other three original members, he played for some time together with singer Ozzy Osbourne in a band called Rare Reed .

In 1979 Butler left the Black Sabbath for a short while, because the band seemed to be falling apart. He rejoined them shortly afterwards, when Ronnie James Dio had already joined the band , too.

Ronnie James Dio left Black Sabbath in 1982 and after that Black Sabbath line-ups came and go all through the 1980s. However, Ronnie rejoined Black Sabbath in early 1991. Geezer Butler had got together with Black Sabbath and Tony Iommi a little bit before he appeared on stage with Dio in 1990 (see Dio section for more information).

After Ronnie James Dio left Black Sabbath again, Butler continued in Black Sabbath with Tony Iommi. However, he quit them in the fall of 1994, saying that the band didn't deserve the name 'Black Sabbath' any more. He joined with Ozzy Osbourne in February 1995. In early Summer, 1995, he was also doing some kind of solo project.


Rare Reed
Black Sabbath without Ronnie James Dio
Black Sabbath with Ronnie James Dio

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Geezer Butler

After Dio and Appice left the band in October 1982, Tony Iommi and Geezer
Butler continued in it.

History after Ronnie James Dio left the band

- Black Sabbath  October 1982-1984
  - Geezer Butler (bass) / Tony Iommi (guitars) / Bill Ward (drums) / Ian
    Gillan (vocals) / Geoff Nicholls (keyboards)
  - Released album
    - Born Again (1983)

- Geezer Butler Solo  1984-?
  - Geezer Butler (bass) / Ritchie Callison (vocals) / Pedro Howse (guitars) /
    John Mee (drums)

- Ozzy Osbourne  ?-Fall 1991
  - Geezer Butler (bass) / Ozzy Osbourne (vocals) / etc
  - Released albums
    - Just Say Ozzy
    - No Rest For The Wicked

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