David Stone personal information

Stone left school in 1969 and got involved with studio and bar work as a keyboardist. His first bigger band was Canadian band called Symphonic Slam, which existed from 1975 to 1976.

Stone got involved with Rainbow when Ritchie Blackmore heard him on the radio. Stone was flown to Los Angeles to do an audition for Rainbow - at the same time there were Matthew Fisher (ex Sutch and Procol Harum keyboardist), Eddie Jobson (ex Roxy and Frank Zappa keyboardist) and Mark Stein (ex Vanilla Fudge and Tommy Bolin keyboardist).

He wrote the middle part of the Gates Of Babylon song on the Long Live Rock 'N' Roll album, but sold his share of the song to Ritchie Blackmore.

It is unknown what Stone did after leaving Rainbow in November 1978.

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