Craig Gruber personal information

It is unknown what Craig Gruber did before joining Elf in early 1973. He stayed in the band until its ending in February 1975, and then continued to Rainbow with most of his bandmates.

However, he was fired from the band after relatively short time, supposedly because he didn't meet the musical requirements set by their guitarist Ritchie Blackmore.

After leaving Rainbow it is unknown what Gruber did before 1984. In 1984 he joined Gary Moore's band for their Victims Of The Future tour. He didn't appear on Victims Of The Future album, but he can be heard on We Want Moore live album recorded on that tour. The band members besides Gruber and Moore were Ian Paice and Neil Carter. After the tour Moore and Gruber left to different directions.

It is claimed that Gruber would've played bass on Black Sabbath's Heaven And Hell album, as well as he would've co-written much of the material, especially Die Young has been mentioned with him. The same rumor tells that Gruber decided himself that he don't want to be mentioned at all on the album. This is almost certainly just a rumor, as it has been denied by various Black Sabbath members.

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