Craig Goldie

Craig Goldie, or Goldy, was invited for auditions for Dio in mid March 1986 and joined Dio shortly after that.

He was born around 1962 in La Mesa, California and played quitar since he was 13. He had played in various San Diego bands before joining Dio. He states that his main influcence has been Ritchie Blackmore - that was noticed also by various critics who always connected Goldie's playing to Ritchie Blackmore's style. His first live appearance happened on April 4th, 1986, on UK TV's Live At The Tube show, less than a month after Goldie joined the band in March 1986.

When Craig Goldie left Dio in 1988, it was because of musical differences, as he wanted to play different kind of music than Dio. There were many, sometimes even nasty, rumors about his and Ronnie James Dio's personal relations, but they actually should still be good friends. Dio's official fan club always tells also news about Craig Goldie and his own band.

In the spring of 1996 there were some news or rumors about Craig Goldie becaming a born-again Christian and appearing in some religious TV shows.


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