7" Sampler Singles Discography

These are 7" single compilations with at least one track featuring Ronnie James Dio.

No title
    Side A:
  1. Dio: Stand Up And Shout
  2. Accept: Balls To The Wall
  • RCA LC0315, Germany, 1983
      - One-sided flexi disc
      - No sleeves
  • Crash RCA LC0315, UK, 1984
      - One-sided flexi disc
      - No sleeves

Heavy Metal
    Side A:
  1. Saxon: Never Surrender
  2. Lita Ford: Gotta Let Go
  3. Rainbow: Stone Cold
  4. Dio: Mystery
  5. Bon Jovi: She Don't Know Me
  6. Headpins: Just One More Time

    - Only short pieces of all the songs

  • Vi Unge FLX-384-1, UK, 1984
      - One-sided flexi disc
      - Freebie with Danish music magazine
      - No sleeves

Kerrang! EMI Four-Play
    Side A:
  1. Black Sabbath: After All (The Dead)
  2. Clayton Troupe: Demon Seed
    Side B:
  1. Terrorvision: Pain Reliever
  2. The Beyond: Nail
  • Kerrang!/EMI K/EMI 1, UK, 1992
      - Promo release
      - Freebie with Kerrang! magazine

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