Fubar II Soundtrack CD Discography

Fubar II: Music From the Motion Picture
  1. Black Sabbath: Die Young (*)
  2. Night Seeker: Spellraiser
  3. Blue Cheer: Just A Little Bit
  4. Night Seeker: Give'r Take All
  5. Night Seeker: Right On
  6. Night Seeker Feat. Justin Hawkins: More Than A Feeling
  7. Night Seeker: Let's Go Santa
  8. Night Seeker: God Rest Ye
  9. Night Seeker: Down Low On High
  10. BLIST: Brainbird
  11. Night Seeker: Take Me Back To The Country
  12. Night Seeker: Hell Child
  13. Night Seeker: Hot Muff
  14. Night Seeker: Shanto's Theme
  15. Poison: Every Rose Has It's Thorn
  16. Night Seeker: No Place Like Christmas
    - (*) Includes Ronnie James Dio on vocals
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