Hear 'N Aid Counterfeit C Tape Discography

Hear 'N Aid
  1. Hear 'N Aid: Stars (extended version) (*)
  2. Accept: Up To The Limit (live)
  3. Motorhead: On The Road (live)
  4. Rush: Distant Early Warning (live)
  1. Kiss: Heaven's On Fire (live)
  2. Jimi Hendrix: Can You See Me
  3. Dio: Hungry For Heaven (live) (*)
  4. Y&T: Go For The Throat
  5. Scorpions: The Zoo (live)
    - (*) includes Ronnie James Dio on vocals
    - Jimi Hendrix: Can You See Me was previously not released
    - Dio claims to be recorded live at Sports Arena, San Diego, USA on December 7th, 1985, although supposedly Dio played at that date at Forum, Los Angeles, USA.
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