Roger Glover And Guests' Compilation CD Discography

These are Roger Glover And Guests' Compilation CDs with Ronnie James Dio on at least one song on them.

The Butterfly Ball And Wizard's Convention
    The Butterfly Ball:
      Get Ready
      Saffron Dormouse & Lizzy Bee
      Harlequin Hare (*)
      Old Blind Mole
      Magician Moth
      No Solution
      Behind The Smile
      Fly Away
      Sitting In A Dream (**)
      Sir Maximus Mouse
      Dreams Of Sir Bedivere
      Together Again (*)
      Watch Out For The Bat
      Little Chalk Blue
      The Feast
      Love Is All (**)
      Homeward (**)
    Wizard's Convention:
      Loose Ends
      Money To Burn
      Until Tomorrow I, II, III & IV
      Light Of My Life
      She's A Woman
      Swanks & Swells I & II
    - (*) written by Roger Glover, Ronnie James Dio and Mickey Lee Soule
    - (**) includes Ronnie James Dio on vocals
    - Two albums on one CD, 4 tracks missing from original Wizard's convention because of CD limit
  • Connoisseur Collection VSOPCD 139, UK, October 1989
      - First 2000 copies included an interview from Roger Glover on 3" CD single
  • Connoisseur Collection VSOPCD 139, UK, October 1989

The Deep Purple Family Album
      Glenda Collins & The Outlaws: If You've Gotta Pick A Baby
      M I 5: You'll Never Stop Me Loving You
      The Artwoods: I Take What I Want
      Episode Six: I Can See Through You
      Deep Purple: Hush
      Deep Purple: Black Night
      Deep Purple: Into The Fire (live)
      Deep Purple: Burn
      Alphonse Mouzon: Snowbound
      Roger Glover & Guests: Love Is All (*)
      Deep Purple: You Keep On Movin'
      Rainbow: Kill The King (live) (*)
      Paice, Ashton, Lord: Arabella (live)
      Whitesnake: Northwinds
      Glenn Hughes: L.A. Cutoff
      Nick Simper's Fandango: The Stallion
      Gillan: Nervous
      Gillan/Glover: Clouds & Rain
      Deep Purple: Perfect Strangers (live)
    - (*) includes Ronnie James Dio on vocals
    - Rainbow recorded live at Circus Krone, Munich, Germany on September 29th, 1976
  • Connoisseur Collection VSOP CD 187, UK, 1993
      - Sleeves have a Deep Purple family tree drawn by Pete Frame

The Ronnie James Dio Story - Mightier Than The Sword
CD 1:
  1. Elf: Carolina County Ball
  2. Roger Glover And Guests: Love Is All
  3. Rainbow: The Temple Of the King
  4. Rainbow: Catch The Rainbow
  5. Rainbow: Stargazer
  6. Rainbow: Run With The Wolf
  7. Rainbow: Kill the King
  8. Rainbow: Long Live Rock 'N' Roll
  9. Rainbow: Lady Of The Lake
  10. Rainbow: Gates Of Babylon
  11. Black Sabbath: Die Young
  12. Black Sabbath: Heaven And Hell
  13. Black Sabbath: Children Of The Sea
CD 2:
  1. Black Sabbath: Mob Rules
  2. Black Sabbath: Voodoo
  3. Black Sabbath: Country Girl
  4. Dio: Holy Diver
  5. Dio: Rainbow In The Dark
  6. Dio: We Rock
  7. Dio: Rock 'N' Roll Children
  8. Dio: All The Fools Sailed Away
  9. Black Sabbath: I
  10. Dio: Push
  11. Dio: One More For The Road
  12. Heaven And Hell: Shadow Of The Wind
  13. Heaven And Hell: Neon Knights (live)
  14. Heaven And Hell: Bible Black
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  • Universal Music 5333308, Germany, August 2011
      - Comes in a slim 2CD case
      - Promo release, has a promo sticker on the back sleeve, otherwise identical with the stock copy
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