Elf CD Discography, early 1973-December 1974

Carolina County Ball
  1. Carolina County Ball
  2. L.A./59
  3. Ain't It All Amusing
  4. Happy
  5. Annie New Orleans
  6. Rocking Chair Rock 'N' Roll Blues
  7. Rainbow
  8. Do The Same Thing
  9. Blanche
  • Line Records LICD 9.00115 O, Germany, 1991
  • Line Records LICD 9.00115 O/MSIF6066, Japan, 1991
      - Includes a title strip and an insert in Japanese
      - Might've been made in Germany for Japanese markets
      - The CD itself is identical to the German version
      - Click for back sleeve picture
      - Ebay prices:
        - 06.02.2009 $37

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