Dio Tourbooks

These are Dio (the band) tourbooks, including tour programs from some festivals as well.

Monsters Of Rock 1983 festival program, August 20th 1983

    The Monsters Of Rock festival program has two pages about Dio. The front cover shows three skulls and a snake. The festival was held in Castle Donington, UK. Has a merchandise insert on the center fold. The book features Whitesnake, Meat Loaf, ZZ Top, Twisted Sister, Dio and Diamond Head. 32 pages, 24.5cm*33.5cm.

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Holy Diver US tour, October 1983 and December 1983-January 1984

    This tour book was produced for the first leg of the tour and was sold again on the second leg after the band had returned from their European tour. 16 pages, 24cm*31.5cm.

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Holy Diver European tour, October-December 1983

    This tour book has red front cover with Ronnie's face in yellow + a photo of the band as well. Titled sometimes as Rainbow In The Dark tour book because the back cover advertises the Rainbow In The Dark single. The book includes three pages about the support band Waysted. 16 pages, 24.5cm*33.5cm.

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Pink Pop Festival, June 11th, 1984

    This book was sold only at the festival and is extremely rare.

The Last In Line World Tour, 1984-1985

    This book was sold throughout the whole tour, except apparently the very beginning of the tour. Front cover is from TLIL album cover with a pic of Ronnie in the middle. Dio WORLD TOUR on top left corner. 20 pages, 28cm*35.5cm.

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Breaking Sound Festival 1984, Le Bourget, Paris, August 29th

    This book features at least Queensryche and Dio and was sold only at the festival on August 29th and 30th, 1984. This book is extremely rare.

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Super Rock 1985 In Japan festival, August 10th

    Dio is featured in this festival program. The text is in Japanese only and the book is very rare. The book features also Foreigner, Mama's Boys, Rough Cutt, Sting and Earthshaker. 52 pages, 30cm*30cm.

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Sacred Heart US tour, August 1985-January 1986

    The first Sacred Heart tour program has Ronnie showing his fist and the text "WORLD TOUR" on the front cover. It is possible that this tour book was also sold on the European tour in April-May, 1986. 16 pages, 28cm*35.5cm.

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Sacred Heart World tour, April-August 1986

    World tour program exists with Intermission cover, apparently sold both on the European and the US tours. Has a Harp Beat ad as an center fold insert. 16 pages, 28cm*35.5cm. Some claim that there may be two slightly different versions of this book out there.

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Sacred Heart Japan tour, September 1986

    This Japan tour book has the same cover as the world book, but with some extra pages in Japanese. 24 pages, 28cm*35.5cm.

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Giants Of Rock 1987 festival, August 15th

    This Finnish festival had its own programme, black and silver printing on brownish background. Dio was featured in the programme as they headlined the festival. Extremely difficult to be find.

Monsters Of Rock 1987 festival, August 22nd

    The festival program from Monsters Of Rock in Castle Donington, UK features Dio on 5 pages. The cover has band logos and a monster. This book features Bon Jovi, Dio, Metallica, Anthrax, W.A.S.P., Cinderella and Bailey Brothers. There is a merchandise insert on the center fold. 40 pages, 23.5cm*33.5cm.

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2nd Japan Aid, October 4th 1987

    Very rare festival programme, apparently reddish sleeves.

Dream Evil world tour, November 1987-March 1988

    The Dream Evil world tour book has a nice "leathery" covers. Dio logo & text "DREAM EVIL WORLD TOUR" on front. The tour book was sold on the second European tour as well as on the US tour. Some copies of this was also sold on the Lock Up The Wolves European tour in May-June 1990. 28 pages, 29cm*29cm.

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Lock Up The Wolves US tour, August-October 1990

    This tour book is very big in size, Lock Up The Wolves album cover with red Dio logo and white text "Lock Up The Wolves". There is also a live photo of the band on the front cover. 28 pages, 28.5cm*42cm.

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