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Who cares what came before
We were only starlight
One day, then nevermore
Because we're whispers in the wind

On May 16th I lost one of the best friends I've ever had. I lost a person who has had a bigger impact to my life than anyone else. Without Ronnie I would've been someone completely different. When my cousin took me to see Dio on Dream Evil tour, my life started to change right there, at the Giants of Rock festival in Hameenlinna, Finland on August 15th, 1987.

Once upon a time
The world was never blind
Like we are

Right now it seems
You're only dreams and shadows
If wishes could be eagles how you'd fly

If Ronnie only would still be among us. Browsing through the painful messages from his friends and family on the Internet, listening to the tribute shows on radio, reading the beautiful words on the newspapers. He's not. Ronnie's only dreams and shadows now.

LOOK AROUND! I haven't EVER seen anything like this! See the amount of postings coming out, see how all the artists and fans, family members and press people send their condolences, see how everyone NEEDS TO TELL their memories, feelings, experiences about Ronnie! UNBELIEVABLE!

Ronnie, we loved you so much. You will be in our dreams forever.

This is your life
This is your time
What if the flame won't last forever
This is your here
This is your now
Let it be magical

Life is so magical that one doesn't usually even notice it before it hits you right in the face. Ronnie lived a magical life. Ronnie guided us to live a magical life. It may seem that people only realize it now when Ronnie is only in our dreams, but I disagree. The sadness comes out of us at a moment like this, but I'm sure we all have been following the above words from Ronnie in our lifes. Already way before they were written. And I'm sure we will keep on doing so.

This song I'm quoting here is This Is Your Life, off the Angry Machines album. This three minute and 24 second piece gives more guidance to life than ALL the other songs in the world combined. If you haven't heard it, go out and buy the album.

Who cares what came before
We're only starlight

Once upon the time
All the world was blind
Like we are

This is your life
This is your time
Look at your world
This is your life

The sad fact is that Ronnie is now gone. I will never be able to go to Ronnie's gig any more, I will never be able to say a word to him, I will never be able to introduce my twins to him. Ronnie is gone. I hope - no, I know these tears will be gone some day as well, so that the world would not look this blurry.

Ronnie, I DO care what came before. Memories make us what we are now. But I still try to follow your guidance. This is my life, this is my time, this is my world. I will get over this sadness. But I will always remember you.

Forever your friend,

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